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Atelier Yawa

The IGF is carrying out the "Ateliê Yawa" project together with the Nova Esperança village of the Yawanawá indigenous people. A project with a positive impact that aims to work on artistic creation related to traditional Yawanawá graphics in a clothing line, inspired and made by women who, in addition to the desire to produce their own clothes, also see it as an opportunity to promote economic and community social. A self-management model inspired by the Solidarity Economy makes it possible for the entire production line to be carried out within the village. The cycle goes through the elaboration and sewing of the pieces; production of natural paints; painting and handmade stamping, resulting in an artistic, community and original product that, in addition to the benefits of perpetuating the art of the "kenes" and generating income, contributes enormously to Brazilian cultural diversity.

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Reforest Alliance

Project unites indigenous communities in the Amazon for forest restoration, exchange of knowledge and training. The project, with the support of the Instituto Guardiões da Floresta, united the Yawanawa, Puyanawa and Ashaninka peoples and has already started with the planting of 5,000 seedlings in Aldeia Nova Esperança, an Arborismo course (tree climbing), construction of a nursery and a seed bank .

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House of Essences

The project was born from the dream of former shamans to build a laboratory on Huni Kuin lands. Today, with the construction of Casas de Essências, small laboratories for the distillation of essential oils, that old dream is now a reality. A project that integrates traditional knowledge and laboratory techniques, with enormous potential for generating income for the entire Huni Kuin community in Acre.


In 2022, we concluded another stage of the project with the installation of 3 stills and the construction of 3 houses with laboratory structures in operation, training programs in essential oil distillation techniques, in addition to a meeting to exchange knowledge about herbs perfumed with the old shamans of the Huni Kuin villages. Project Ni Ini Pa, traditional knowledge, innovation and research, focusing on eco-sustainable practices in the Amazon.

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Huni Kuin Expedition

 The Huni Kuin people of the Jordan River are experiencing a moment of expansion of ethnotourism in their territory. Receiving friends, partners, researchers and all kinds of people interested in getting to know the local culture has been an important source of resources and improvements in the infrastructure of the villages that carry out this type of work. With a view to diversifying the scope of this activity, local leaders have come up with the idea of organizing an itinerant program that includes different villages, allowing visitors to get to know the indigenous land in its various contexts. In January 2022, we visited the villages of Novo Segredo, Boa Vista and Campo Sagrado, leading to improvements in infrastructure, travel conditions and generating local income. 

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Exchange Program

The Exchange Program of the Instituto Guardiões da Floresta is a multidisciplinary proposal that aims to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences between indigenous peoples and non-indigenous society. The IGF works by raising funds, planning, producing and promoting different projects and cultural exchange actions in dialogue with the territory of indigenous education and the concept of a living school. 

Achievements: Artistic residency Ni Ishanai ~ Floresta Futuro, support for the Shubu Hiwea Day, Ainbu Andaya Day and cultural exchange activities in schools, SESCs, museums and cultural centers.  

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IGF collection

Over the past 7 years, we have been recording the songs and ancestral tales of indigenous peoples during meetings at our Aldeia Akasha retreat center, located in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro and during some trips to the villages.  Yawanawa, Hunikuin, Tukano, Noke Koi, Krenak, Shawãdawa are some of the ethnic groups already registered with the intention of developing a large sound library of the native peoples of Brazil, a valuable cultural heritage for future generations.

This collection was born out of the desire to collaborate in recording, disseminating and perpetuating the songs and tales of the native peoples of Brazil, driven by the desire and need to propagate and preserve their culture. An entire oral culture cataloged, stored and available in a large phonographic collection developed and made available by the IGF, Instituto Guardiões da Floresta, a multidisciplinary non-profit organization, which has been developing over the last 12 years, projects related to the needs and development of indigenous peoples from the Brazilian Amazon. 

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